eBook: “3 Blunders in Bid Pricing”

3 Blunders in Bid Pricing

When working on a bid pricing strategy, you need to know where to invest your time and effort and which blunders to avoid. How can you gain a competitive edge in your bid if you make the same blunders every time?

Facing the hard truth in bid pricing

The hard truth is that you need to know these basic blunders first before you price your bid, especially if you are a non-practitioner charged with pricing a proposal. As capture managers, price-to-win analysts, and business developers, you must also figure out how to find the proper bid strategy for any given bid. If you don’t and make these common mistakes, you probably won’t win the contract.

Avoiding these pricing blunders

Before you get started, learn these blunders that bidding experts see happen all the time. To help you reach the ideal outcome of your bid, we’ve created an eBook that contains some solid practical advice.

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