eBook: “3 Ways Uncertainty Creates Confusion in Bids”

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One of the most common errors we see in bidding is dealing with uncertainty. Bidding experts can all agree there are many ways uncertainty creates confusion in the bidding process. 

Dealing with Uncertainty

Bidding teams try to factor uncertainty into the proposal, but these bidders will tell you how difficult it can be to price accordingly. 

Common Types of Uncertainty in Bids

What type of uncertainty are we talking about?

A new practitioner unfamiliar with bidding contracts may use high, low, and nominal estimates. But this is not the best method for pricing analysis. Some bidders get a little too fancy with statistical distributions. And other analysts don’t consider uncertainty at all.

But don’t let any of these things get in your way of pricing your bid because we have you covered.

Three Ways Uncertainty Creates Confusion

Our eBook reveals how uncertainty can create confusion in bids and explains the most common mistakes bidders make when dealing with uncertainty.

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