On-Demand Webinar! Demystifying Price to Win Analysis

Demystify Price to Win Analysis

Ever wondered what something is worth to a customer? Or perhaps, what should you offer without leaving money on the table? Everyone has customers and competitors. Each customer will have different preferences, requirements, and biases. In turn, your competitors will respond with what they believe is an optimal value proposition, driven by price and non-price factors. 

Watch our “Demystifying Price to Win” Webinar. 

You’ll be hearing from Price to Win experts about the best strategies to use to win more contracts.

 In this session, we will:

  • Present some real-world examples from different industries on how to tie price and non-price considerations together
  • Share a method to quickly identify which value propositions or win strategies will most likely result in a win
  • Have a candid discussion around the power of “what if” scenarios

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