TruPredict® Essentials - The Competitive Advantage for Your Next Pursuit

Much more than just pricing software for government bids, TruPredict® Essentials empowers you to test every assumption, model every possible outcome and see the impact of your strategic decisions. Even if you have no experience, TruPredict Essentials gives you the answers you need to win more government contracts using an intuitive, guided Q&A format. And you can try it for free with zero obligation and with no credit card. It only takes about 30 seconds to sign up.
Test every assumption

Quickly make changes to bidding scenarios to see the impact of your decisions

Account for the unknown

Odds are you don't know exactly what your competitors will bid. With built in Monte Carlo Simulation you can factor in a range of values instead of an exact number

Quick bid analysis

With Essentials you can run a quick analysis in less than 5 mins to quickly determine if opportunities are work pursuing

Built for non-practioners

TruPredict Essentials guides you along the Price To Win process to enable winning decisions

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TruPredict Essentials is the only guided, self-service price to win tool available on the market

TruPredict® Essentials Case Study

How this Tech company went from 5% probability of winning a government contract to 85% probability... then won!

The Problem:

A technology company needed to identify the optimal bid price on a government contract without leaving money on the table. The capture manager needed to shape their offering to more closely match the customer’s needs, taking into account uncertainty involving the competitor’s solutions.

The Solution:

The customer deployed TruPredict, the only Price to Win specific software available today. TruPredict enabled the company to:

  • Identify key areas needed in order to improve competitive position
  • Quantify the value of specific buyer “careabouts” to focus on what matters to the buyer
  • Test different competitor solutions and pricing that could impact the competition
  • Identify the tradeoff point for the customer between price and non-price factors
“Enabled by TruPredict, our critical thinking has improved as we can now focus on the potential variables instead of how to manipulate a spreadsheet. A very valuable and noteworthy accomplishment that has directly improved our win rate.”

Anthony - SVP Strategy & Business Development

The Results:

Our client won the contract! They were able to overcome their non-cost disadvantage by bidding a price that was credible to the customer and acceptable to their company’s leadership. TruPredict quantified the impact of a different client bid approach. For example, their initial solution yielded <5% probability of winning (Pwin). TruPredict pricing software allowed them to identify a bid approach that yielded an 85%Pwin, while also balancing customer and company objectives. Winning this contract as a result of using TruPredict helped change the mindset for this business unit. As a result, they have leveraged this process to win four additional contracts, creating a long term business base.

Try TruPredict Essentials pricing software for free... takes less than 30 seconds to be up and running!

TruPredict Essentials allows anyone to have a guided price to win experience throughout the entire bid pricing process. The easy-to-use interface walks you through section by section, asking a series of questions until you have a solid bid price for your government contract. There is no other government bid pricing software like this anywhere… and you can try it absolutely free. You can be up and running in 30 seconds!

Do You Need a Wider Range of Competitive Solutions?

Compare TruPredict Essentials with our more robust TruPredict Professional version HERE. We also offer a wide range of  competitive solutions including Price to Win (PTW) services, PTW training, Competitive Intelligence Analysis, Market Research and more. For more: Lone Star Analysis Competitive Analytics & Pricing Solutions.