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I ask clients all the time ``Would you go through all of the effort of putting together a proposal if you knew you were going to lose? Of course not.`` then during delivery, TruPredict increases their confidence on bidding strategy
Eliseo L. Senior Pricing Analyst
Analysts and Capture mangers have different tools, approaches, styles, etc. TruPredict unifies our process and let's us speak the ``same language``. Now my capture manager can add his changes and compare them to mine.
Jeremy R. Price Analyst
In almost every PTW engagement, clients would always ask to have us look at results from additional perspectives. Before TruPredict, this would take me a whole day to do. Now, in real-time, I can make quick and easy changes right then and there.
James R. Senior CI Analyst
TruPredict offers a different, standardized approach to the PTW process. After using TruPredict in a few engagements, it's allowed me to simplify my workflow, giving me valuable time back.
Beth G. CI Director